Lynn Hoppes's feet are light and nimble. Lynn Hoppes never sleeps. Lynn Hoppes says that Lynn Hoppes will never die. Lynn Hoppes dances in light and in shadow and Lynn Hoppes is a great favorite. He never sleeps, Lynn Hoppes. Lynn Hoppes is dancing, dancing. Lynn Hoppes says that Lynn Hoppes will never die. » 4/26/12 7:37pm 4/26/12 7:37pm

There are enough subtle differences in the jokes here that a joke-stealing accusation is unwarranted (in my opinion). Louis CK's bit is pegged on the idea that he himself is so repulsive that if he went back in time and sexually assaulted Hitler, Hitler's self-esteem would lowered so much so that he would rather… » 8/10/11 5:26pm 8/10/11 5:26pm

Man Arrested For Kicking Police Horse Outside Texans Game

A Houston man was arrested Sunday for kicking a police horse outside of Reliant Park, thereby making Andre Johnson's beatdown of Cortland Finnegan the second most lopsided physical altercation in Texas that day. » 11/30/10 6:00pm 11/30/10 6:00pm

Raiders Fan Knocks Out Dolphins Fan, Crowd Reacts Jubilantly

Yet again, football fans took justice into their own hands. Here we have a mouthy (looking) Dolphins fan apparently insulting everyone around him before getting punched out by a Raiders fan. And you'd better believe the ethnographer confirmed he recorded it all. » 11/30/10 2:45pm 11/30/10 2:45pm